Mystery at Milford

Students at Milford Elementary visit the "crime scene" where the pumpkin pie was eaten!

There was an interesting mystery at Milford Elementary today! Something strange happened to ALL of the pumpkin pies they had had prepared for their Thanksgiving Feast. Students were asked to help investigate and spent the morning learning about evidence that would help them solve the mystery. This STEM event was put together by the USD 475 STEM team and was spearheaded by K-5 STEM Coach, Dan Sell. The “crime scene” was staged in the library and lead the students to 5 different stations of “investigator training”.

Each of these stations taught students how each of the different types of evidence could be used. For example, one of the stations analyzed footprints, while another analyzed the fingerprints left at the crime scene. The stations were very creative and intrigued both the students and the staff. After lunch, the students returned to their classrooms where they received a packet of evidence and clues to try to solve the crime. Each class was encouraged to determine who they think committed the crime, based on the evidence given in the library and at the stations. Once they had examined the evidence and applied their knowledge from their training, the students presented who they suspected as the perpetrator. All ended well when the “pie thief” was revealed and the Milford Lakers enjoyed their feast and delicious pies.

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