“LUNCH BUNCH” 4th/5th grade

Milford Elementary’s instructional coach, Kayla Kinderknecht, builds relationships by hosting a weekly “Lunch Bunch” for 4th and 5th grade girls. The Lunch Bunch is an opportunity for the girls to read about powerful women in history and in their community, while reflecting on how they can apply what they’ve learned to make meaningful choices in their lives. In January 2019, Mrs. Kinderknecht, alongside the group “Geared Up Dads”, took the initiative to begin a Lunch Bunch for the 4th and 5th grade boys.

In the photos posted with this article, you will see members with t-shirts that show empowering statements that lift girls and women up. “Can you take a picture of my awesome shirt? It has an empowering message!”, exclaims Brooke Draper as she excitedly gets ready to pose with Mrs. Kinderknecht.

After pairing with “Geared Up Dads”, Mrs. Kinderknecht launched a boys book study based upon the book “Heroes For My Son”.  The first speaker that joined the 4th and 5th grade boys was Mr. Jeff Underhill.  The group discussed baseball legend Jackie Robinson and his use of self-control.  The group will continue to meet each Tuesday in January as well as the first Tuesday in February.

The 2nd session of “Lunch Bunch” for 4th & 5th grade boys included g

uest speaker Alex Tyson sharing about kindness.  Participants read about Mr. Rogers from the book “Heroes For My Son” and discussed what a big difference kindness can make in our world.

The Lunch Bunch has been quite a success so far at Milford Elementary. Way to go, Lakers!