Lakers Link Feb 2019

Here are reminders for the month of February 2019:

2/5- Robotics Club after school
2/7- Robotics Club after school
2/8- Extended Learning Opportunity- Careers. Your child may dress up as a career they love.
-PTO Lockin (Call the office for more information)

2/12- Robotics Club
2/14- Robotics Club, Happy Valentine’s Day!
2/15- Dance Party @ 3:00 (Change of time from calendar)

2/18- Professional Development, No School
2/19- Robotics Club
2/21- Robotics Club, STREAM Night for parents @ 5:30 PM, hot cocoa provided to “steam” up
2/22- Bus Evacuation Drills @ 2:45 PM

2/26- Terrific Kids Presentation @ 8 AM
-Robotics Club
2/27- PTO @ 4:45 PM
2/28-Robotics Club

February Birthdays: Anden P, Brooky M, Christopher T, Lucas M.