Robotics Club is a hit at Milford Elementary

Robotics club

Parents, students, and teachers gathered after school to celebrate the 3rd Quarter Robotics Club by having their Dash Robotics score points in a fun game of soccer! Mr. Miller (3rd grade teacher at Milford Elem.) and Miss Keim (2nd grade teacher at Milford Elem.) stay after school to lead a Robotics Club twice a week for 5 weeks in a quarter. Students K-5 (ages 6 and up) have the opportunity to apply and join the Robotics Club for an engaging adventure that involves technology, problem solving, reading, math, and so much more.

5th grader, Brooke, talked about her favorite memory in Robotics Club, “When we moved the Dot around the cup…that was really fun!”
When it came to her most challenging part of Robotics she smiled and said, “Sometimes it’s the codes or where the dash has started and where it has to finish. Also, if you have to move the cups with the dash. There’s all kinds of different things!”

Rebecca Boyer, mother of Elliott, Kindergartner in Robotics says her son has even been challenged to use his reading skills to problem solve with the robots. “He (Elliott) has really learned to continue to try to work at something. For example, when it’s hard and you want to give up–he has developed perseverance. I think the coding has helped him recognize things more like in reading especially at the kindergarten level.”

“The best thing I like about Robotics is that we get to play games like soccer!” Remi, 2nd grader said with a big grin.

Many are very impressed by the amount of effort and time these two teachers, Mr. Miller and Miss Keim, and students have put into their love for learning even after school is over. We end with kind words given by Mrs. Boyer to the two teachers that continue to dedicate their time to their Milford students. “They are amazing. They have openly let me sit in on Robotics Club meetings and they are really great with the kids. I am so glad they have this opportunity here!”

Kudos to the Robotics Club team! Mr. Miller and Miss Keim look forward to their next group of Robotics Club that will begin on Tuesday, March 26th each Tuesday and Thursday.