Milford Elementary School Guidelines

Girl Blowing Bubbles

Breakfast and Lunch Accounts

Our breakfast and lunch program operates similar to bank account. Parents deposit money in the account and each time your child eats, the cost of the meal is deducted from their account. The amount you deposit is up to each parent. Parents may pay as far in advance as they wish. The school secretary is the contact for any account questions or concerns.

Students may bring water bottles into the lunchroom if desired. Only students with sack lunches may bring outside food into the lunchroom.

Money at School

Money brought to school should be only for school related business (i.e. lunch, milk, pictures, book orders, etc…). Checks or cash (in exact amounts) must be sent in an envelope marked with student name, amount and purpose for the money. Please make all checks payable to Milford Elementary School unless otherwise instructed. Postdated checks cannot be accepted.

Personal money should not be brought to school. The school is not responsible for personal money that has been lost or stolen.

Telephone Calls/Cell Phones/Any Electronic Device used as a Phone

Students’ use of the telephone will be limited to emergency use and school business. Parents/guardians are encouraged not to call and ask to speak to their child during class time unless it is an emergency. Messages can be left with the secretary or principal to be given to the student. Students are not allowed to use cell phones or any electronic device as a phone at school. If they are in their book bag they should be turned off and remain out of site throughout the school day.

Lost and Found

Many articles of clothing are placed in the “Lost and Found” each year. Parents can help their students avoid such losses by carefully marking the student’s name on any loose article for easy identification. Coats and boots should be marked on the inside. Encourage your students to look for lost articles. All items not claimed by the end of the year are sent to a charitable organization.

Study/Field Trips

District and school study trips are planned throughout the school year. Notification for each trip will be sent home. All Milford students must ride the bus to the study trip in order to participate. Parents wanting to transport their child home after the study trip will need to communicate with their child’s teacher and sign a permission form. When your child orders a sack lunch from the school for a study trip, his/her account will be charged.

School Celebrations

Birthdays: Birthday treats should be scheduled with the classroom teacher at least a day in advance. Be cognizant of food allergies in your child’s classroom. Cool pencils, stickers, or Playdoh can serve as a nonfood way to celebrate. Invitations that are distributed at school can either be to the whole class, or all students of a specific gender. If the invitations are only for a few students, they will have to be distributed after school hours to eliminate students feeling left out.

Learning Celebrations: Learning Celebrations will be held throughout the school year. Different grade levels will share part of their learning. Parents/guardians, community, district staff and BOE members are invited to join the celebrations.

Most Improved Student Awards: One student from the school will be selected each month to receive the Most Improved Student award. This student will be recognized for making growth either academically or behaviorally. The recognition will take place at a district ceremony. Parents/guardians of the student being recognized will be contacted by the classroom teacher and invited to attend. If the family is not able to attend the district ceremony, recognition may take place at a Learning Celebration.

Enhanced Learning Opportunties (ELOs): Throughout the school year students will participate in theme based activities. Family, community members, district staff, and BOE members are invited to attend.

LAKERS rules: Each day we will expect students to follow the rules below to be as successful as they possibly can here at Milford Elementary. We ask that parents encourage these skills as well.

L-Love learning
A- Always try
K- Kind to all
E- Encourage others
R- Respect everyone
S- Share success

Family Involvement

Site Council: Site Council is a group of parents, teachers, a community representative, and a central office representative who meet approximately five times a year. The council discusses curriculum, testing, programs, and policies. All parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to get involved. Please notify the principal if you are interested in being a member of Site Council.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO): Milford Elementary PTO is a committee focused on planning, funding, and implementing student center activities and projects. All parents/guardians, school staff, and community members are invited to participate.