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Please feel free to call me Miss Christina!

I am so excited to meet everyone and get to know every student throughout the school year! As your counselor, it is my job to ensure *SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL LEARNING* (SEL).  In the classroom, we will have lessons regarding how social and emotional skills tie together very closely using their experiences in school. We will give a valiant effort to build adequate social skills, problem solving skills and learning to communicate with one another about our emotions. Life can be tough and varies for every child. We will work to build our empathy and compassion skills. 

If what is worked on in the classroom is not quite enough, students are welcome to request to visit with me and have an opportunity to work through more specific ideas to specific events affecting a student’s performance in school. Through brief interventions and facilitation, we can work through the humps of life. However, one of the most important things to remember is this: I cannot be your child’s therapist.

Very Respectfully,

Christina DiMattia, LMSW, LAC

School Social Worker

Milford Elementary School

“The world would be a better place if we listened to understand and not simply to defend or respond.”

~Unknown Author