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Ms. King

Hello! My name is Ms. King. This will be my 7th year teaching P.E. at Milford Elementary School. I also teach at Grandview Elementary School, so I split time each day. This year, I will be at Milford in the mornings. I spend much of my time coaching high school aged students. I am the assistant Varsity softball coach at Junction City High School. I also coach 2 club volleyball traveling teams. I have 3 kids: My oldest and only son, Jaden, just turned nine in August. He is a 3nd grader this year. My middle child, Gracelyn, will be five in November. We call her “Gracie”. She will be a student at the Early Childhood Center. My youngest daughter, Kielyn, turned three years old in May. I am so excited to begin another school year! My first year of Kindergartners are now 6th graders and I cannot believe it!

Mrs. King