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Welcome to First and Second Grade!

Welcome to first grade and second grade at Milford Elementary. We have many plans and expectations which we hope will create an exciting and rewarding learning experience. Through our Second Step program, we teach life skills to encourage positive peer interactions and problem-solving skills. First grade is an important year for our students as they use emergent reading strategies to become successful readers. Second grade will focus on refining our reading skills, becoming wonderful writers, and building grammar skills. In Math first grade students will develop a deeper number sense to solve computation facts, word problems, measurement, telling time, and shapes. Our second graders will become masters of addition and subtraction along with basic geometry, measuring, data analysis, and more. Throughout the year, students will also learn about the world around them, present and past, through social studies and science. We are Lakers and our core values are that we love learning, always try, are kind to all, encourage others, respect everyone, and share success.


Miss Wallace

First Grade Teacher

Monica Wallace

Monica Wallace